Share a “Short Cut” of Your Local Short Track

Share the fun of a day or night at your local short track by submitting a “Short Cut” video to this racing community site. Note: Posted videos here automatically show up on the “UnitedShortTracksOfAmerica” Facebook page and will also show up on the United Short Tracks of America interactive map.

Here are the requirements for posting a video:


Option 1. Post a video to YouTube, Vimeo, or some other site that generates an embedding code (see Video Guidelines below). Paste the embed code into an email message and send it to Somewhere in your email message, or in the video itself, identify (1) the racetrack and (2) the track’s city/town and state.

Option 2. Post a video directly to the “UnitedShortTracksOfAmerica” Facebook page (see Video Guidelines below).

Option 3. Send a video file up to 25MB in size to, and we’ll post the video for you (see Video Guidelines below).

Option 4. If the video is larger than 25MB, consider inserting the file in a Google Drive account, and send us the link: Video Guidelines below). We’ll post the video for you. Info on Google Drive attachments:


* Videos can be captured on any device, but it’s more in the spirit of this site to capture footage on a mobile phone.

* Videos must run no less than 60 seconds and no more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

* Videos must include information on the following: the name of the track where the video was shot, the city/town and state of the track, and the date on which the video was shot.

* Videos must be shot and edited with sensitivity to the privacy rights of anyone who appears in the video. Be respectful and lawful about how you capture video — always.

* The administrators of this site reserve the right not to post videos for any reason. This is a moderated blog site.

Questions? Contact us:


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